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WoodRose Homes was formed to provide residential contracting services for custom home development. Many residential projects have been built in the Greater Vancouver area including:

  • new custom built homes from 2800 sq.ft. to 12,000 sq.ft.,
  • renovation projects of all descriptions with scopes ranging from simple room conversions and additions to whole-house transformations.

WoodRose Homes is setup to run projects on a general contract basis, for either fixed price or cost-plus contracts. A full range of services is available to our clients including General Contracting, Project Management, Consulting, and Design work.

WoodRose Homes concentrates exclusively on building and renovating high quality custom homes for people who truly understand the value of craftsmanship and pride. Through the direction of its principals, WoodRose Homes has set very high standards for product, workmanship, attitude, and service for all suppliers and sub-trades associated with the construction of each home. It is by adherence to these standards and by close project supervision that the quality of each home will be developed and maintained. A WoodRose Home will be, by its very nature, quieter, warmer, and more comfortable than many other homes being built today. WoodRose Homes differentiates itself from other contractors in the type and style of supervision provided for each project. Supervision is provided on an ongoing and daily basis, always balancing the specific phase of the job with the appropriate level of supervision. Each project is very closely monitored with respect to the execution of the design elements and budget and time constraints.

WoodRose Homes is on the continual lookout for new construction technologies and state-of-the-art products that lead to more efficient construction processes, and/or to an elevated building or living standard.

WoodRose Homes was the recipient of two British Columbia Home Builders Association Silver Georgie Awards in 1992 in the categories of Best Renovation over $50,000 and Best Master Suite