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Welcome to WoodRose

WoodRose Homes Limited has been building high-end custom homes and renovations for over twenty years on some of the finest residential and commercial real estate building projects. Our creative, innovative, and resourceful team of project managers and superintendents work diligently with the client, architectural design teams, and sub-contractors to ensure that the end product is built from the ground to the roof with craftsmanship, quality and pride.

WoodRose News

03.09.2012 - Springtime in the City

As the month of March unfolds and the days become a little brighter, our minds turn towards the prospect of spring, where daffodils and tulips become a common sight that colours the garden to banish the winter blues. Springtime brings a new sense of optimism that we so desperately need, as we prepare for the onset of warmer weather and projects which hold ones imagination through the dark winter months.

11.01.2011 - Homeowner Protection Office

The Homeowner Protection Act provides for the licensing of residential builders and makes third-party home warranty insurance mandatory on new home construction throughout the province.

The licensing and warranty insurance systems work together to ensure that builders meet minimum standards and consumers are protected with a strong, third-party warranty should a construction defect occur.

The HPO, a branch of BC Housing, maintains a searchable Public Registry of all Licensed Residential Builders and Building Envelope Renovators in British Columbia.

09.01.2011 - WoodRose Warranty Online

Completing your new home is one of the most rewarding experiences you will encounter in your lifetime. Understanding the necessary operations and maintenance is equally important to ensure your home will last a lifetime.

WoodRose Warranty Online – an interactive online service which allows you to access all of your installed products and equipment information including manufacturer, supplier, installer, maintenance information and digital manuals. No more fumbling through papers or trying to determine who installed what – all of this and more is available through your unique secure logon. Take the guess work out of your home maintenance – you are enrolled automatically when your home is built by WoodRose Homes.

07.10.2011 - Visit our Office

Located at 2423 Dundarave Lane, you’ll often find a number of us at WoodRose diligently working away. Stop by, say hello and find out about who we are and why we have been called ‘master builders.’